SMART Lawn Care Services

Environmentally Conscious Lawn Care Services for Your Business or Home The SMART Way!iStock_000017011528XSmall

Everyone wants a nice lawn,  Schulenberg Land Care can manage all of your lawn care needs while taking environmental impacts into consideration.

Our SMART Green program uses fertilizer that is unlike what most people are using. Our enhanced efficiency fertilizer is phosphorous free making it lake friendly and it minimizes Nitrogen run off into our watershed causing unwanted environmental impacts. It also gives you high quality color with longer lasting results than other fertilizers. Since the fertilizer delivers nutrients slowly, there are no spikes or surges in growth making mowing more difficult.
We also take a environmentally conscious approach to applying weed treatments. We won’t drench your property in excessive amounts of chemicals to get every single weed. We asses each lawn upon our service visit to determine if a blanket spray is necessary or if we can spot spray as needed to maintain a great lawn for you while minimizing exposure to weed control products.


Our Lawn Care Services:

    • Turf Fertilizing – Organic Fertilizer Available
    • Turf Weed Control
    • Aerating & Dethatching
    • Insect & Disease Control
    • Flower Bed Weed Control
    • Over Seeding
    • Dead Patch Repair
    • Temporary Watering Systems

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